Diploma in Midwifery

Year wise Subject with Code and Marks Distribution

First Year
SL Subject Name Subject Code
1 Behavioral Science DM111
2 Basic Science DM112
3 Anatomy and Physiology DM123
4 Professional frameworks & communication in Midwifery DM124
5 Fundamentals of Midwifery DM135
6 Communicative English & Information Technology DM118
7 Midwifery Practice-I DM137
8 Midwifery Pharmacology DM126
Second Year
SL Subject Name Subject Code
1 Research & Evidence Based Midwifery DM221
2 The art & Science of Midwifery DM232
3 Women’s Health DM233
4 Complicated Maternity Experience DM234
5 Midwifery Practice-II DM235
Third Year
SL Subject Name Subject Code
1 New-born Complications DM331
2 Complexities of Maternity Experience DM332
3 Transition to registered Midwifery practice DM333
4 Midwifery Practicum DM334
Marks Distribution of Diploma in Midwifery
Marks Distributions Written Oral Formative Practical
First Year 1150 SAQ+EQ
& Best Answer
Asking Question Class Attendance Using Checklist Manual
Second Year 900 Class Test Examinations
Third Year 950 Assignment & Presentation
Grand total 3000 Field Visit & Note Book